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Home and Away Spoilers – Dean asks Ziggy to move out!

Dean begs Ziggy to leave the farmhouse in this week’s episode of Home and Away in Australia, not wanting her to witness him at his most vulnerable. What’s next for the tumultuous couple?

Dean (Patrick O’Connor) has been struggling to adjust to life at the farmhouse for the past week. After the automobile accident, he unwillingly moved in with Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) since the degree of his injuries made his flat above the Diner unsuitable.

Ziggy’s single-story house appeared like the ideal place for him to start his rehabilitation because he couldn’t make it up and down the stairs to the first-floor flat.

He was apprehensive about reuniting with Ziggy so soon after their reconciliation, but when his only other option was a rehab hospice, the farmhouse seemed the obvious decision.

He was well aware that recuperation would be difficult. He’d previously struggled with recovery from a previous automobile accident when he was younger and lived in Mangrove River.

He crashed back then while chasing after Ross Nixon, Colby, and Amber’s brother Jai. The accident claimed Jai’s life and left Dean with significant injuries, necessitating months of rigorous rehabilitation to get him back on his feet.

He’s going through it all over again again.

His greatest worries were realized only last week. Moving in with Ziggy was as tough as he had feared, and their new relationship was immediately put to the test.

Dean struggled in his new surroundings in last week’s Australian episodes.

Furthermore, he refused to take his pain medicine, making his rehabilitation considerably more difficult than it needed to be. He’d been cooped up on the sofa for days and didn’t have the energy to shower.

With Mackenzie’s aid, he cleaned and changed his clothing for the first time in a long time. Ziggy couldn’t believe it; she’d been trying and failing to persuade him to shower for days, but he refused.

When she tried to assist him later, he raged at her, leaving her in tears. She was anxious for him to return, but she hadn’t expected their renewed romance to be so tough.

Things aren’t going to get much easier this week. He knew he had to be careful after Mackenzie told him that if he continued to treat Ziggy poorly, he was on the verge of losing his relationship. But he can’t manage his fury, let alone be the caring lover she deserves, because of his anguish.

He admitted to his sister, “I want to be the person she fell in love with.” “Not like this.”

His only option, in a heartbreaking blow to the young couple, is to ask Ziggy to move out… of her own home! He wishes he could be with her, but he understands that the only way they can both live is if he manages his recuperation without her.

In an interview with TV Week, Patrick reveals that he doesn’t want to rely on Ziggy for his rehabilitation since he doesn’t want to appear weak. “He was alright with showing Willow how weak he was last time since she was looking after him as a friend.

“Ziggy, on the other hand, is a different storey. He wants to be the man she requires, but he isn’t in the right place right now.”

He’s having a hard time. Mackenzie (Emily Weir) comes at the Astoni residence to discover him on the floor, unable to move on his own. He’s fallen over, and it takes all of her effort to assist him back onto the couch, while pleading with him to take some pain medication.

He, of course, refuses!

Dean is diagnosed with PTSD after an examination by expert doctor Logan Bennett (Harley Bonner). His trauma from the automobile accident all those years ago is still fresh in his mind, and the current tragedy has brought it all back.

Dean finally admits that he became addicted to his pain medication after the previous accident, which explains why he’s so adamant about not taking any this time.

He’s adamant about doing things without medical assistance, even if it’ll make things 10 times more difficult.

Ziggy eventually agrees to his request. She’s devastated as she packs her belongings and leaves the farmhouse, allowing him to heal.

Fortunately, he still has Mac to care for him. He requires her since he is unable to open up to Ziggy on his own.

Patrick told the Australian magazine in this week’s issue, “At this level, Mackenzie is like the messenger between Ziggy and Dean.” “He lacks the courage to tell Ziggy how he feels emotionally and physically, so he enlists the aid of Mackenzie.”

However, it isn’t long until he lashes out at Mackenzie as well. Will she stick by him in the future?

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