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Home and Away spoilers (March 6 to 10)

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What is coming up in Summer Bay?

Spoilers for UK viewers of Home and Away are below.

On the upcoming episode of Home and Away, a shocking vehicle accident that occurs the day before Felicity and Tane’s wedding has significant ramifications.

Mali, a newcomer, comes in the Bay in other news, and Bree and Jacob have a horrific encounter that results in a fatality.

Below is a comprehensive list of the upcoming 11 major events.

1. Disaster strikes for Felicity and Eden

Eden struggles to brake the car as she transports Felicity to the wedding because of the bikies’ covert sabotage. Eden believes she has no choice but to swerve into oncoming traffic to avert an accident as they dangerously approach a van that is moving slowly.

When Justin and Leah’s vehicle collides with Eden and Felicity’s, the results are terrible. Eden and Felicity are launched into the air and crash into a gas station and a service station, respectively. In the meantime, Justin and Leah’s automobile takes off and eventually collides with a barrier.

2. Tane rushes to the rescue

Tane worries that Felicity would leave him waiting at the altar if she arrives late. He says that Felicity’s absence has forced the cancellation of the wedding, but Gary later says that he received a troubling call regarding the incident.

Paramedics at the accident scene remove an unconscious Eden from the car. Leah is also hurried away for emergency surgery after being pierced by a nearby fence post.

It’s harder to get Felicity to safety because her legs are entangled in the debris.

Tane bravely dashes into the fire when a gasoline leak is discovered and the automobile catches fire. He ultimately uses just his own hands to rescue Felicity from the car while putting his own life in danger.

3. The bikies are left disappointed

Before a last-minute change in plans, Cash was scheduled to be driving Felicity to the wedding, so he was the intended victim of the vehicle accident. The perpetrators of the attack were the biker gang.

One of the bikers informs his supervisor that Cash is still alive and that their plan didn’t work. Cash is still in jeopardy as the nasty criminal advises launching Plan B.

4. Justin is blamed for the incident

Leah is still undergoing emergency surgery, and Justin is in disarray. Matters only grow worse when Cash, who is devastated by Felicity and Eden’s injuries, viciously accuses Justin of causing the collision.

Cash contends that when working on the car at the shop, Justin ought should have discovered the malfunctioning brakes. As long as the bikies’ sabotage remains undetected, Justin begins to worry that he was involved in Leah, Felicity, and Eden almost dying.

5. Cash vows revenge

After the crash investigators establish that the brakes had been cut intentionally, Cash realises the dreadful truth about the car mishap after a few days have passed. After his defeat of the biker gang, he realises that he must have been the intended victim.

When Cash and Gary explore the Parata home, they find that it had been covertly tapped, allowing the motorcycle gang to learn details about the upcoming wedding.

Eden is still in a coma when Cash visits her at the hospital, where he grimly swears that he will make her attackers pay.

6. Remi struggles to cope

Remi is troubled by concerns about Bree’s whereabouts after Jacob abducted her. The information that Eden is in a coma as a result of the vehicle accident further shocks him.

Later, Remi’s mental anguish disturbs his sleep as he dreams that Rose will come to tell him that Bree has passed away.

7. Bree’s whereabouts are revealed

After the abduction, Jacob and Bree set up camp in a far-off area. In order to keep Jacob calm, Bree acts as though she is at ease with the circumstances, but she is actually secretly looking for a way out.

Bree hopes Remi will someday be able to read the love letter she writes to him when she has some alone time. When Jacob comes back and discovers the note, Jane is put in a hazardous predicament.

8. Bree accidentally kills Jacob

Jacob starts to act violently once more, knocking Bree out. Bree is terrified to see Jacob preparing a grave for her when she comes to when.

Bree creeps up on Jacob and assaults him with a shovel as she faces a terrifying battle for her life. She then dials 911, and when it is ultimately determined that Jacob has passed away as a result of his accident, she is horrified.

When Remi subsequently meets Bree at the hospital, he is glad that her experience is finally ended. However, it becomes evident that the negative memories may continue to plague Bree for some time to come when she pushes Remi away in a traumatised state.

9. Mali arrives

A surfboard shaper named Mali, a friend of Dean’s, arrives in Summer Bay for a visit. He catches up with Dean and gets to know John and some of the other Bay inhabitants.

Mali keeps his motivation for coming to the Bay under wraps, but when it is discovered that he has been working with Mackenzie to make a sweet gift for the Astoni family’s new nursery, everything makes sense.

10. Mac is surprised by a face from her past

When Mac’s ex-partner Gabe shows up in the Bay to meet her, she is taken aback. She admits to Dean that she and Gabe had had plans to wed, but he unceremoniously broke off the engagement through text.

By disclosing that Mac’s evil father Rick offered him $50,000 to abandon her, Gabriel finally gives a satisfactory explanation for himself. Gabe accepted the cash even though he now hates it terribly.

Gabe’s apology doesn’t go down well with Mac, who tells him she wants him permanently gone.

11. Xander regrets asking Stacey to move in

Xander suggests to Stacey that she move in with him now that they are a legally married pair. Stacey is obviously against the idea, and Xander realises that his timing was off.

Xander begins to worry that he has damaged their relationship before it has a chance to properly begin as Stacey makes up justifications to get away from him.

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