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Home and Away Spoilers: Nikau resigns after dramatic beach rescue

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Coming up next week on Home and Away in the UK, Logan receives disturbing news about the car accident, whilst Nikau rushes to save a despondent Millie from the surf…

Millie Hudson (Zara Zoe) is in mourning after the death of her best friend Josie Harding, despite the fact that doubts remain about the deadly accident that occurred little over a week ago.

Millie and Jo were driving towards Summer Bay when they collided with local resident Logan Bennett (Harley Bonner) on the outskirts of Reefton Lakes, and with neither party recalling the cause of the incident, the police investigation has been left to determine who was at fault.

Following the collision, paramedic Xander Delaney (Luke Van Os) and sister Jasmine (Sam Frost) were the first on the scene, and Xander didn’t take long to uncover Jo’s body nearby.

Despite Millie’s repeated inquiries about her buddy, Xander had to reassure her that Jo was safe, knowing that he wanted to keep Millie calm as she dealt with her own medical emergency.

Xander felt compelled to visit Millie in the hospital and break the news to her personally, which backfired when Millie blamed Xander for Jo’s death.

Millie apologised to Xander only after Jasmine informed that Jo had already died when they arrived, and the two began to bond as he begged her to tell him about Jo.

Xander continues to see Millie this week as she isolates herself from her family and friends. Jasmine wonders if she needs to see a grief counsellor, but Xander swears she won’t talk about it. She’s content with just talking to Xander right now, and while she compliments him on his compassion, she cautions him to be cautious.

The police enquiry continues, and Logan (Nicholas Cartwright) is still unable to recall any specifics about the accident when Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) confronts him further. Cash can only confirm that Logan and Millie’s blood alcohol levels were both normal.

But later on that day, Cash returns to Logan with some surprising news. The forensic evidence suggests that Logan was speeding at the time of impact—and with nothing further to go on, it’s looking like he could have been responsible for Jo’s death!

Logan is grumpy at work, which Jasmine notices, and when he apologises, he tells her about what Cash told him.

Logan can’t believe his actions have resulted in the death of someone after spending his entire career protecting lives.

Logan later visits Millie on the ward personally, desperate to get the truth, to see if she remembers anything else.

Millie continues to blame herself for Jo’s death as she confirms that her memory is still blank. When Xander arrives in and sees Millie in tears, he jumps in to protect her from Logan’s interrogation.

When Xander confronts Logan later, he is reminded that he has no authority over Logan. When Xander says Millie isn’t one of Logan’s patients, Logan quickly responds that she isn’t one of Xander’s either.

Later, Xander confides in Jasmine about Logan, and he notices that she is holding something back as she defends Logan and concerns that Xander is becoming too engaged. She eventually discloses, in confidentially, that Logan is being investigated by the police as a result of the accident.

When Xander returns to the hospital, he is surprised to discover Millie’s bed empty…

Meanwhile, Millie has made her way to Summer Bay Beach. Bella (Courtney Miller) and boyfriend Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) are taken aback when they see Millie (Courtney Miller) walking into the surf fully dressed.

Nik, the newest volunteer lifeguard at Summer Bay, issues a caution to Millie. It has little effect, and Nik is obliged to take action as she continues to trek through the sea towards a dangerous rip.

Having received a message over the radio from Nik, John (Shane Withington) pulls up in the ATV as both Jasmine and Xander arrive.

The three arrive at the shoreline just as Nik pulls an unconscious Millie out of the water.

Xander takes command and begins CPR right once, but Millie’s survival is up in the air. Xander’s perseverance is rewarded, as she eventually changes her mind.

Millie immediately starts talking about how it’s not fair that she survived whilst Jo died, and how it’s all her fault.

To Jasmine’s horror, Xander then placates Millie by explaining that she has nothing to feel guilty about… Logan was the one responsible for the accident!

Xander agrees to take Jo back to the hospital, much to Jasmine’s dismay.

Xander is clearly in over his head with Millie, and betraying Jasmine’s trust in divulging the police enquiry into Logan will only make things worse…

Meanwhile, Nik is torn between his feelings about the dramatic rescue and the fact that, while he enjoys the job, it won’t pay the bills as a volunteer position.

Nik already feels as if his life is in limbo, and he recognises that he must begin making difficult decisions in order to sustain his family.

Seeing no other option, Nik reluctantly hands in his resignation to John who, whilst disappointed, understands Nik’s position.

Nik and Bella search the job market for an alternate career, but nothing leaps out. When Bella inquires about becoming a paid lifeguard, Nik says that there is a lengthy application process that appears to be intimidating, so that option is out.

However, John has devised his own strategy, and after consulting with club president Alf (Ray Meagher), he approaches Nik with a proposal.

The club committee will completely support Nik if he decides to seek to become a full-time lifeguard, despite the fact that it will require applying to the council for financing. John has offered to assist Nik with the application process.

Needless to say, Nik has no trouble making his selection, and he offers John a big hug as his dream job begins to take shape!

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