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Home and Away’s Patrick O’Connor teases EPIC Dean downfall!

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Patrick O’Connor, who plays Dean Thompson on the television show Home and Away, has said that his character is about to make a HUGE error by going to his old surf gang to pursue revenge for his sister Mackenzie Booth (Emily Weir).

After leaving behind a difficult upbringing in Yabbie Creek, the former River Boy has largely stayed on the straight and narrow.

But when PK (Ryan Johnson), a dishonest high-stakes poker player, threatens his friends and family, his old instincts come back.

Dean, a fan of Home and Away, was concerned when he learned that a bankrupt Mackenzie had foolishly been hosting illegal poker sessions at Salt while concealing it from her lover Logan Bennett (Harley Bonner).

There were methods to escape the debt, at least according to Dean. Instead of proceeding down the illegal course, he advised speaking with Logan and simply taking each day as it came.

“He desired for Mackenzie to lead a life free of crime. She hadn’t really experimented with that previously.

Mackenzie was so close to sleeping with PK to erase her “debt” after PK conned her into believing the house had lost.

When two armed thugs hold Mac and Dean hostage at Salt and stab Tane Parata, things take a terrible turn (Ethan Browne).

Dean is at a crossroads because, in order to get an ambulance to come to Salt, he will have to declare that there has been illegal conduct, which would put Mackenzie in serious trouble, he insisted.

“Tane and Dean are great friends, and there is no way he will allow him to pass away, but it’s also his sister,” he said.

“It’s a great plus for the circumstance that he advises phoning Logan,” I said.

In order for Logan to work on Tane, Dean and his girlfriend Ziggy Astoni (Patrick’s actual girlfriend Sophie Dillman) go out to steal materials from the hospital.

Patrick explained, “It’s kind of like a small plot where Dean and Ziggy go to the hospital.

“I don’t think Dean fully understands what Ziggy is capable of, but he needs a partner through parts of this to obtain the medical supplies as he needs someone to create a diversion.

“He puts Ziggy under strain, and she rises to the occasion. Because Soph genuinely succeeds when she goes for something, it was hilarious to film this!

Logan ultimately administers a blood transfusion to ensure Tane’s survival.

Dean is determined to warn PK off and makes it obvious that he will face backlash from his friends. However, PK is unfazed, and when Dean receives a terrifying threat against his little son Jai, things quickly get out of hand.

Dean is prepared to risk their relationship a second time (after their first breakup when he failed to disclose his involvement in Ross Nixon’s death), despite Ziggy’s pleas to call the police.

When three River Boys enter and he tells them he has a job for them, she is astounded.

In a lonely parking lot, the lads hand over a bound and gagged PK to Dean. When a grim-faced Dean arrives home with bloody knuckles, Ziggy becomes concerned.

He won’t discuss his actions in response to her inquiries.

Patrick affirmed: “When he gets a threat concerning his son, he panics because he doesn’t know if PK’s the kind of guy who would hurt a youngster and if so, Dean’s got to be that much faster than he is.

“Dean is aware that Ziggy doesn’t like the River Boys in the back of his mind. He lied about something so important earlier, which is why they previously split up.

The issue of Dean’s code and his connection to the River Boys hasn’t been properly discussed between Dean and Ziggy.

As with most of Dean’s life, he chooses to take the easy route and avoid talking about things, which leads to him isolating her.

She begs him repeatedly not to call the River Boys, but he ultimately does the exact opposite.

Since the Braxton family moved out of the bay, fans haven’t seen much River Boys activity, but whenever the group gets involved, there’s major drama!

Patrick made fun of the situation by saying that it was chaotic and that a lot happened.

“Dean made the worst decision he could possibly make, but it was also the most thrilling one.

He has interspersed references to The River Boys throughout his stay in Summer Bay because they are such a significant part of his history.

It’s always enjoyable to portray Dean since the writers “always take an entertaining approach.”

Winnie, the couple’s adorable cavoodle dog, is rising to fame while Patrick and Sophie are enjoying their most recent Summer Bay plotline.

Winnie recently made his first live television appearance, which Patrick said as “quite funny” on Australian TV’s The Morning Show.

However, he suffered from a severe stomach ailment right before and spent a week in the hospital. He’s considerably better now and acting like the bouncy guy again!

A “first look” episode of Home and Away airs at 6.30 pm on Channel 5 and at 1.15 pm on 5Star on weekdays.

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