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Meet Patrick O’Connor A.K.A. Dean Thompson From Home And Away

Home and Away is one of Australia's biggest-running soap operas with more than 32 seasons and thousands of series. So keep the stories original, the show brought different face all the time.Dean Thompson, who's Dean Thompson?
Dean Thompson is a role in the popular Australian television series Home and Away. He' takes over' the River Boys gang after his deputy leader Brax scams his own murder and escapes jail. 
As the new' bad boy ' show, Thompson is rebellious and ambitious, but he is also faithful, enthusiastic and insanely-protective to his family members. This mixture results in Dean going to insane distances to help people he cares about–even though it means committing crimes.

How was Dean released first?
Dean was first featured in the February 2018 episode as an ex-boyfriend of Willow Harris and a close friend of Martin Ashford. He's the first' post' from Ash to unite the River Kids, but he's also creating some tension in the friendship between Willow and Justin.
 It was later revealed that Dean and Colby Thorne also used to be best friends until a failed grand theft auto accident forced their relationship to disintegrate. The two' reunite' after Dean helped rescue Justin's kidnapped daughter.Who's Dean Thompson dating to the show? 

Dean was first paired with his ex-girlfriend Willow for a while, but her gambling addiction caused a couple of problems. After they had broken up, Thompson developed a friendship (which ultimately became a relationship) with Ziggy Astoni.

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