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Neighbours devastation as Terese Willis killed in a tragic accident?

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NEIGHBOURS favorite Terese Willis could be killed off in upcoming scenes on the Channel 5 soap, according to the actress who plays her.

Following her breakup from her estranged husband, Paul Robinson, Terese (played by Rebekah Elmaloglou) hasn’t had the easiest time on Neighbours recently (Stefan Dennis). She will travel to Queensland for a conference for the Lassiters Hotel company in upcoming scenes on the Channel 5 soap, where she will be enticed back to the bottle as her battle with alcoholism resurfaces. However, when events spiral out of her control, the beloved Ramsay Street resident may meet her end in a devastating car accident.

Rebekah has spoken exclusively to Express.co.uk on her character’s destiny and whether or not it would be cut short.

“I don’t really know,” the soap actress responded when asked about the next three months. We’ll begin sitting down with the writers when we return [to filming] after our production break.

“So I don’t actually really know which is kind of exciting but I think there is a lot that’s going to happen [soon].

“My storylines over the last year and a half have been really, really quiet and now all of a sudden, we’re being bombarded with Terese.

“I certainly felt that the last few weeks before [the production break] but I think there are lots of exciting [things] that’s going to happen.”

“I’m not sure where that’s going with the alcohol thing,” the actress teased, but was she talking to her character’s downfall?

Because Terese has received so much attention in recent months, the writers may be preparing her to take center stage in a devastating plot.

Paul could be at the center of it all, as his diabolical schemes to get rid of Nicolette Stone (Charlotte Chimes) could backfire.

Knowing that his son, David Tanaka (Takaya Honda), wants Nicolette’s mother out of their life for good, the villain may slam the brakes on her car.

Unfortunately, she might not be the one to drive it, as Terese could get her hands on the keys when inebriated.

Terese wouldn’t be able to operate the car if she needed to stop because she wouldn’t realize it had been tampered with.

This would result in a devastating collision with another vehicle, with the adored character being rushed to the hospital right away.

The medics would rush to save the Ramsay Street resident, but her injuries might be too severe for her to recover from.

Paul would be left reeling as he realized his preparations had resulted in the death of his estranged wife, just as they were about to open a new page in their relationship.

Will Terese’s friends and neighbors’ lives be eternally affected by her passing as a pillar of the Erinsborough community?

“Then there’s the serious and the dramatic side so it is great and I’m very blessed to be able to play [such] a character.

“Then there’s the serious and dramatic aspect, which is fantastic, and I feel really fortunate to be able to play [such] a role.

“I get to play all sorts of stuff so it’s like 20 jobs in one. And then I try and do the director’s job and the makeup girl’s job.”

Terese’s eight-year run on the show would come to an end if she were killed off, and the character has had her fair share of storylines.

Aside from her tumultuous relationship with Paul, the beloved Ramsay Street resident has been on the verge of passing away on multiple occasions.

When Terese’s son, Josh Willis (Harley Bonner), was killed in the Lassiters explosion narrative, she became a major figure.

Her anguish over her son’s death was recently rekindled, and after five years of heartbreak, she was finally able to let him go.

She has also had affairs with Leo Tanaka (Tim Kano) and Vance Abernethy, her childhood sweetheart (Conrad Coleby).

In 2017, the character was also the subject of a heartbreaking breast cancer plot, which came a year after actress Rebekah Brooks’ mother was afflicted with the disease.

Whether or whether a biopsy is performed, the tale raised awareness of the importance of completing all testing to thoroughly rule out malignancy.

Fans have been taking to Twitter to express their thoughts on Terese’s most recent storylines, with Justin writing: “Terese’s life was devastated by Paul. Terese had stated that. That should rule out a #Neighbours reunion.”

Pritha added this about Terese kicking out her step-granddaughter Harlow Robinson (Jemma Donovan): “Terese, you did a fantastic job! Harlow was becoming a nuisance, and the Lassiters penthouse was more her style #Neighbours.”

“Roll on until Terese finds herself a new man! #Neighbours,” Sarah shared.

Jessica remarked: “I know Terese is hurting but avoiding Paul like she is doing isn’t going to solve their problems or marriage #Neighbours.”

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