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Neighbours Spoilers – Toadie and Rose’s prank war threatens Melanie’s life

Jane’s sadness gets the better of her next week on Neighbours in the UK, while Melanie becomes an unwitting victim in Toadie and Rose’s prank battle.

These episodes will begin airing on Monday, September 13th.

The much-anticipated Shorts & Briefs film festival is upon Ramsay Street residents this week, and it appears that the drama is not limited to short films.

Jane (Annie Jones) is still dealing with the aftermath of Nicolette’s (Charlotte Chimes) disappearance. Jane had almost given up hope of ever seeing her daughter again, believing she is now in the United States.

Next week, her boyfriend Clive (Geoff Paine), concerned about her mental health, contacts Erinsborough High principal Susan (Jackie Woodburne) and proposes that the struggling mother take another week off from school.

Jane is devastated to learn that her boyfriend has gone behind her back when she is approached by Susan, but Clive just wants the best for her.

Jane chooses to go to work, promising that she is well and possibly even as a show of defiance. When it all gets too much for her, she suffers a nervous breakdown in the corridor. She discovers a camera that Hendrix (Benny Turland) has set to collect video for his film festival project as she glances up, fighting to keep back tears.

When she confronts him about it, he seems unconcerned. He has all of the required approvals and has committed no wrongdoing. Later, the two have another altercation, and this time Jane isn’t buying Hendrix’s justifications.

Hendrix, unfortunately, crosses the line.

He tells his teacher, “I shouldn’t have to mutilate my film because your stress leave didn’t work.”

Jane pulls her hand back, prepared to slap the Year 13 kid in a fit of rage. It catches both instructor and pupil off guard, and Jane doesn’t realise what she’s done until Hendrix pulls back and cowers.

Jane ruminates on her choices when they split ways, but she realises that she must do the right thing. Jane sets up a meeting with Susan and prepared to disclose everything. Right as she’s ready to say anything, Hendrix bursts in, telling Susan that Jane had nothing to do with him.

Jane is taken aback. Will Jane keep her mouth shut as a result of Hendrix’s admission? Will she acknowledge that she was on the verge of assaulting a student?

When the festival begins later in the week, there are a lot of happy, smiling faces around. The fantastic mood is only surpassed by the much more fantastic outfits.

With Kyle (Chris Milligan) as JD and Toadie (Ryan Moloney) as Mad Max, Roxy (Zima Anderson) and Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) dress up as Thelma and Louise…

…as Men in Black, Amy (Jacinta Stapleton) and Ned (Ben Hall)…

…Mackenzie (Georgie Stone) and Hendrix are zombies, with Karl (Alan Fletcher) reprising the role of Jackson Maine from A Star Is Born.

Except for Melanie (Lucinda Cowden), who arrives at No. 28 before the festival, everyone is dressed to the nines.

She confides in Hendrix and Mackenzie that she scrambled all afternoon for Elle Woods outfits, visiting three different costume stores and failing to locate any. Despite all, Legally Blonde is Toadie’s favourite film, and she wants to please him after their recent snafu!

Melanie, in desperate need of a costume, is pleased when Mackenzie’s proposal of borrowing Nell’s (Scarlett Anderson) to make something works out.

Melanie takes a chance and crafts a costume that Reese Witherspoon herself would be proud of, remembering that Toadie’s favourite scene is when Elle dresses up as a playboy bunny.

Toadie can’t believe his eyes as he comes to the launch. Melanie, on the other hand, is taken aback when she learns that Rose (Lucy Durack) is to blame for the disappearance of all the Elle outfits!

Melanie notices that Rose has also arrived to the event dressed as Elle, complete with her characteristic bright pink jacket and pin skirt.

Melanie didn’t need this setback. She’s already in a precarious position in her relationship. Now that Rose is back in the picture, it appears that there is no way to compete.

Toadie starts a prank war with Rose later that night, which ends in a tremendous crescendo. Rose takes a huge swallow from her drink after putting her hand in Toadie’s shaving-cream-filled pocket and Toadie drinks Rose’s lemon juice cocktail.

He’s hidden chilli in it, unbeknownst to her. Rose spits the drink out in a split second, and it flies straight into Melanie’s eyes. With her eyes hurting, the playboy bunny struggles to see and stumbles backwards against a table, whacking her head.

The disaster is enough to put a stop to the launch, but will it also put an end to Toadie and Rose’s budding relationship?

Is Melanie going to be okay?

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