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Thursday, June 30, 2022

    Police raids, induced comas, and a surfing accident: 8 huge Home and Away spoilers

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    Martha’s (Belinda Giblin) and Marilyn’s (Emily Symons) situations deteriorate this week on Home and Away as a result of the chemical assault. Alf (Ray Meagher) faces a difficult decision: should he stay with his wife while she undergoes expert treatment, or should he stay with one of his longest friends while she is placed in a coma?

    Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) chooses to assist Dean (Patrick O’Connor) by taking over some of his surfing teacher responsibilities. The fiery woman, on the other hand, isn’t cut out for dealing with students, especially when they’ve simply joined up to ogle social media influencer Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo).

    Meanwhile, Logan (Harley Bonner) is perplexed by Tane’s (Ethan Browne) illness and the therapy possibilities available to him. Eventually, Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) is forced to make a difficult decision: is he ready to undertake a dangerous medical trial on his brother as the only way to bring him out of his coma, or will he avoid the significant risk of anything going horribly wrong?

    Here’s what’s on tap for the week starting Monday, January 10th.

    While Marilyn is in a coma, Martha is taken to the city for kidney dialysis.

    Alf must make a difficult decision because two of his most valued women are suffering from serious medical issues. Martha’s health has been worsening since the chemical assault, and Logan informs her that her kidneys are failing and she needs to go to the city for dialysis. Meanwhile, Marilyn has passed out due to a loss of sensation in her legs, and she is rushed into an induced coma. Will Alf stay in the Bay with Marilyn or travel to the city with Martha?

    When Logan breaks the momentous news to Mackenzie, she is overjoyed.

    Mackenzie has lately been confronted with the idea that Logan’s profession has taken him all over the world, and her new relationship could be ended if his medical team moved further down the coast. Logan, on the other hand, chose to leave his career in order to stay in the Bay, which filled Mackenzie with remorse. When Logan visits Tori’s apartment one evening and casually reveals that he’s been offered Tori’s old job — head of the emergency – the situation quickly shifts. Now he has a future with Mackenzie.

    With Dean only just starting to regain his strength after the car crash, Ziggy decides to pitch in where she can – which includes taking some of his surf classes. However, when she shows up for her first lesson, John makes it clear he seriously doubts her experience. Although Ziggy does her best to teach the students, they are clearly more interested in Niaku and she loses patience. She tells them it’s time to move to the water, despite Nikau openly disagreeing with her. Before long, there is inevitably an accident as one of the students is hit by a board…

    Nikau begins posting defamatory social media posts about Felicity

    Nikau has been fuming since Tane was the victim of the chemical attack, and he is doing everything he can to disseminate the message that Felicity is to blame. Despite Ari’s warnings to stay out of other people’s affairs, Nikau chooses to use his large social media following to launch a campaign against Felicity. Despite Bella’s warnings, Nikau is unstoppable, and the first physical act of retaliation is carried out the next day…

    Logan recommends an unorthodox treatment to save Tane Tane was the hardest hit in the chemical attack, and Mia, Ari, and Nikau have been unable to approach him owing to the poison level. The day finally comes when they can be at his side, but Logan is confused as to why Tane has not come out of his coma yet. After some thought and research, the new doctor takes Ari to one side and suggests a radical, risky medical treatment – bio-scavengers, which are only being used in select clinical trials and could lead to consequences. However, they’re the only chance Tane has for getting better. Will Ari take the risk and let his brother have the treatment?
    Felicity is arrested after a newcomer detective raids her van?

    Felicity has been left terrified after the chemical attack, as all eyes are on her as the most likely culprit. Although she has been adamant she’s innocent, Jasmine has found a receipt in her van for the exact chemicals which were used in the attack. Cash comes around from his initial doubt and burns the receipt, but Detective Nasser has come to the Bay from the Federal Police to investigate the incident. After some difficult interviews, Felicity is in her van when federal agents show up with a search warrant on her van – and Nasser finds an empty container of the same drug used to sedate Tane…

    Everyone lies to Leah about Theo – but where is he?

    Leah’s nephew Theo has been given a fresh start in the Bay, living with his aunt and working with her partner Justin in his garage. However, this clearly isn’t enough to get him on the straight and narrow as he doesn’t come home overnight and Justin urgently tries to call him, to no avail. Leah is back at work, so Justin covers for him and says he’s already at work. In the garage, Leah shows up with lunch for everyone and Ziggy lies about his progress after a pointed glance from Justin, telling Leah that he’s doing great. However, one burning question remains – where exactly is Theo?

    Ryder is forced into accepting Theo’s get rich quick scheme

    Since Theo’s arrival in the Bay, the three of Theo, Ryder, and Chloe has established an uneasy alliance, especially since Theo has made it plain that he has a thing for Chloe. Ryder and Chloe eventually broke up due to escalating tensions, but they still have a business and debt to work out together. Chloe is enraged when Ryder mistakenly maxes out their joint business account. Ryder flatly declines Theo’s offer to settle their bill.

    Theo then devises a scheme for them to gain quick money, and after hearing about Alf’s fears in the hospital with Marilyn and Martha, Ryder grudgingly accepts Theo’s absurd offer for the sake of his family. What does Theo have planned for Ryder, and what is he about to face?

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