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Heartbreaking goodbye! Home and Away’s Alex and Willow spend their final moments together

When a relationship comes to a crossroads, different paths are sometimes better to follow.
Alex and Willow have been wrestling with their feelings for each other for weeks and the circumstances that might break them apart. And in Home And Away, they'll finally come up with a heartbreaking resolution. In recent episodes, despite Willow (Sarah Roberts) choosing to leave town with Alex (Zoë Ventoura), it's obvious she's doing this out of the overwhelming desire to stay together.
Doctor Alex is planning to take up a job offer in Queensland, but will not push her girlfriend to change her life-Willow is in Summer Bay.

Willow begs Alex to stay in her apartment one more night. Between the pair, it's a sad and tender moment as they reflect on the night they met and how far they have come since.
Willow remains optimistic about the future as they go to sleep. But Alex is about to make the most difficult decision of her life: to leave Willow. It was their last farewell.
Willow wakes up the next morning to find Alex went and a note of farewell on her bed. As she reads Alex's words,

Tears stream down her cheeks.
She stays in bed for hours, ignoring her friends' phone calls, and wallows in everything she feels lost -relationships, friends, and passion for her job.
Just one person can do it


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