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SPOILER ALERT: The friction between John and Marilyn on Home and Away is escalating-will they break for good?

Helping the New Zealand Parata family settle down in Summer Bay has given Marilyn a new purpose–and a blossoming link to newcomer Ari.
Nevertheless, her husband John wants them to run out of town.

With their unresolved issues surrounding the topic, tensions are mounting on Home And Away, with John (Shane Withington) delivering a defiant ultimatum to Marilyn (Emily Symons) that could end their marriage forever.
John is keeping a close eye on the newcomers, expecting them to step out of line. At the Surf Club, Ryder (Lukas Radovich) introduces Bella (Courtney Miller) to Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) and the trio begins a pool game. However, a misaligned shot causes one of the balls to fall onto the ground–giving it a chance.

Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) approaches the business owner at the hearing of the altercation and demands respect.
He goes on to say his family is devastated and this makes John curious. He visits the Paratas that afternoon and learns that Ari has a criminal past.
John thrusts the articles triumphantly in front of Marilyn, hoping that his wife will now share his view of the family and send them packing. She doesn't, though, to his dismay, and discards his worries.
Marilyn tries to reason with her husband but is in a fight with John. They're no closer to going forward, with their case at a stalemate. That's when a distraught John delivers a final ultimatum to his wife.
"Either they're going or I'm," he said

Marilyn laments to Roo at the Diner that her marriage is collapsing in front of her eyes–and there is no turning back from what they said and did.
While John arrives at the caravan park in Summer Bay with a suitcase in hand… After being targeted by Leah's stalker while trying to rescue her, police officer Colby is struggling in hospital for his life.
While in recent episodes Colby (Tim Franklin) arrested deranged stalker Douglas (Adam Booth), he jumped from a closet and stabbed him in the leg with a pair of scissors.

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