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The best behind the scenes photos from the Home and Away set

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The cast of Home and Away is not just a group of coworkers; as any ardent Summer Bay fan would know, they are a family.
The cast of the enduring soap opera always manages to laugh while working on set in Sydney’s picturesque northern beaches, which serves as the real-life inspiration for the fictional Summer Bay, even though it’s all business when the cameras are rolling.
A quick glance at Georgie Parker’s Instagram will demonstrate that her cast mates and crew are not only her coworkers but also her closest friends.

The men! Matt Evans, James Stewart, and Patrick O’Connor are shown in this adorable photo by Georgie Parker bundled up and enduring set life in the winter.

“Afternoon shift in the diner,” wrote Lynne.

On Instagram, Georgie shared this close-up photo with the caption, “Up close and personal in the Diner.”

Smitten by the post, Lynne joked, “Hahaha! I resemble Lord Lichfield in this selfie.”

“You nailed it, haha. 👌, “Nicholas Cartwright made a comment.

Take one! Luke Van Os looked right at home on the Summer Bay set in July.

Lynne McGranger, Kirsty Marillier and Nicholas Cartwright were all smiles on set!

While filming in Young, Luke and his on-screen sister Kirsty, who plays Rose Delaney, posed for a picture. Luke wrote, “Just a couple of Delaneys doing epic stuff.”

“There’s always some funny guy trying to get in shot 😂”

Kirsty and Ray were pictured on set, and Ada Nicodemou captioned the photo, “Lovely morning spent at #Palmbeach with these two legends.”

So that’s what the cameramen see! Kirsty shared a rare view of the Home and Away set.

“Another day in the office, Best job ever 🎬” Luke captioned this on-set snap from a car scene.

Georgie Parker and Emily Symons rugged up to brave the brisk weather while on location! “Night shoot in the mud with beautiful Em,” Georgie penned.

Along with Ray Meagher, Lynne McGranger, and Georgie Parker, Ada captioned this photo, “Out on location shooting something very exciting.” We are eager to see what they are recording!

Work seems like a breeze for Kirsty Marillier, Ada Nicodemou, and Lynne McGranger! In the caption of this post from late May, Ada wrote, “More fun on set today.”

While on set in May, Ray and Emily Symons were unable to take their smiles off their faces.

This image from Instagram user Luke Van Os shows us the behind-the-scenes of a typical beach photo shoot!

Luke provided us with more information about the Home and Away set. “I couldn’t have done it without you. The @homeandaway medical advisor @sarewahh is the one behind the magic of all the action scenes, making everything look and sound real. Thank you, legend! “He wrote this post’s caption.

Ada demonstrated her sincerity as a helpful castmate by dedicating an Instagram post to the young actor in honor of Matt Evans’ Logie nomination.

She gushed about his professionalism on set, saying, “From the moment Matt came onto the show, he has put in so much time and effort into making every scene as perfect as it could be.”

I’m ecstatic that he was nominated for a #logies award because it is so well deserved.

The soap opera icon’s kind post prompted Matt to respond, “Thanks aunty ‘itsamyboyyy,”

“Baby, we’re back!” Nicholas Cartwright and Kirsty Marillier, a fellow Summer Bay police officer, shared this selfie on April 26.

While filming in Palm Beach, Kirsty and a member of the Home and Away crew had some fun in the hair and makeup trailer.

“My greatest mentor: Dynamic duo” Along with James Stewart, a Home and Away alum, Matt Evans captioned this picture.

On their final day of shooting before their Easter break, Georgie Parker, James Stewart, and Emily Symons captured this adorable picture.

On the set of Home and Away, there is always time for a selfie! While filming in April, Georgie and James couldn’t have appeared happier.

The cast and crew are one big happy family!

Summer Bay has never been so elegant. While photographing Mackenzie’s casino event, Ryan Panizza, Jacqui Purvis, and Ethan Browne all exuded an air of sophistication.

Ada, James, Kawa, and Emily took these on-set selfies to celebrate the arrival of the sun in Sydney.

“Nice to be out on the beach yesterday in the sunshine,” Ada’s caption for the photo read, and Emily also shared it.

She wrote, “So happy to see the sun today @jamesstewart is in charge of the pics now.”

Penny McNamee, a former castmate, wrote in the comments section below the picture, “What a find! How long has Jimmy kept that talent a secret?”

James Stewart gave the fans what they wanted by sharing a number of pictures of the boys in a group setting.

From the set, Ethan, Kawa, Matt, and Shane all displayed their best mugs and flashed the peace sign.

“‘The Lads’ The image of Shane Withington is fantastic. What a pro. Always makes a decision that I regret. I can’t help smiling as I watch him, “James gushed as he posted a picture with his cast mates.

While filming, the cast gathered for a group photo, which Georgie, Ada, and James shared online along with sweet captions.

“Morning from the Diner today,” Ada wrote.

“Morning, everyone! the shirt on Theo “James said.

At last, Georgie wrote, “Not bad for a shot taken in the morning. Glamor at seven o’clock.”

Taking this playful photo with Matt Evans at Seven’s studios, Home and Away’s head of hair and makeup Laura Vazquez shared it on February 23.

At Seven Studios in Eveleigh, Ada Nicodemou, Emily Symons, Georgie Parker, and Ray Meagher hang out on the set of Salt, the fictional cafe from Summer Bay.

Georgie shared this happy photo with the caption, “Back in the Bay with Ray,” to mark her return to the set.

To commemorate seeing Georgie once more, Emily Symons shared this group photo. She penned, “We were overjoyed to see our beloved @georgieparker again. @homeandaway.”

Georgie commented, “Beautiful Em, love you,” in response to Em’s endearing message.

On the Home and Away set in Sydney’s northern beaches, Georgie and Ray Meagher socialize.

James Stewart, who has been playing Justin Morgan since 2016, can be seen laughing with Theo Poulos co-star Matt Evans.

Outside of the fictitious Salt cafe in Summer Bay, Georgie took a selfie with Emily Symons and Ada Nicodemou, two recurring H&A cast members.

the third wheel! Pictured are Sophie Dillman and Patrick O’Connor, a real-life and on-screen couple.

Aww! On set, Georgie and Lucas Radovich, who until May of this year played Ryder Jackson, shared a touching moment.

The affection between the Home and Away stars is evident in this adorable photo of Georgie and Sophie.

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