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This New Nano Tech Face Mask is Selling Out Fast in Madagascar,Coronavirus Face Mask | Blocks 99.9% Viruses..

Why the people of Madagascar are in a Mad Rush to get this face mask…

China's coronavirus has just been deemed a global health threat by the World Health Organization.1 Worse still, coronavirus infections have risen tenfold. Death is 568 and rising.2 It would be an understatement to say that there is an increasing sense of panic. The best advice I've received is to remain calm and take reasonable measures to protect yourself.
One of the safest ways to protect yourself is to get a high-quality face mask that can shield you from bacteria, battery and other air pollutants.
A quick internet search reveals that face masks are selling fast. It's in the paragraph after the article…

What is It?

It's called the Oxybreath Pro, and it's the first face mask of its kind. This mask provides unparalleled protection when you need it most.

This mask completely covers your mouth and nose and is very comfortable as well. It's washable, durable and reusable, too. So there's no need to spend money buying packages after packets with disposable masks (which can also be problematic if they're in short supply!)

Why is the Oxybreath Pro Selling Out So Fast?

1) Nano Engineering Dust-Free Air Filter PM2.5

2) Built of high quality polyurthane that is breathable and convenient.
3) Always Comfortable in class-can barely notice that you even have it.
4) Washable-use again and again.

5) Elastic widening ear strap design that is strong and comfortable.

6) For all ages, perfect for men, women and children

7) Redesigned breathing valve that reduces heat and moisture (makes it much more comfortable)

8) Collapsible-put it in your pocket and take it anywhere

9) Extremely Lightweight & Ultra Thin (2 mm)

Is it any wonder people are switching to Oxybreath Pro in droves?

How does This Mask Filter Out Airborne Toxins?

Oxybreath Pro's 5 layers of carbon filters give you an extra level of protection you won't get with most other brands.

How much does it cost to Oxybreath Pro?

High-end face masks can cost as much as $100 or $200. Which rising demand for face masks could make the price even higher right now. Because we're facing a potential global pandemic, Oxybreath Pro is dedicated to using face masks.


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