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Why Angelo Rosetta returns to Summer Bay Home and Away Spoiler?

It's been announced today that Angelo Rosetta's father, portrayed by Luke Jacobz, will return to Summer Bay later this year.

Making the announcement in UK magazine What's on TV, a spokesperson for Home and Away said "We're thrilled to announce that Luke Jacobz has returned to Summer Bay.


Luke Jacobz continued "It's been ten years since I was here last so I'm really looking forward to meeting the new cast and seeing some old friends as well. I'm so excited that my first backstage scene is with Ray Meagher playing Alf Stewart!

"We all got to catch up on so much. The show has always delivered great Aussie drama and I'm excited to be part of the talented family again. "Since Angelo was forced to resign from the police force back in 2010, there's no doubt that fans will be intrigued about what brings him back to Summer Bay in that capacity.

Luke later revealed to Sydney Confidential that the show producers had contacted him in January and that he was going to stick around for a while.

"They didn't tell me that I was going to die," he added. "I'm not going to come in and finish my Home and Away job, so it's a couple of months and then if it stops or if it lasts I'm going to be happy either way." Luke shot in Palm Beach last week, so we can probably expect Angelo's return on the air in July."

Luke Jacobz has anchored the Australian edition of televised pop series The X Factor after leaving the show in 2011, as well as participating as a judge on I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here in 2019.

Constable Angelo Rosetta first appeared in Summer Bay in July 2008, where he provided protection for Jack Holden, who was taking some time off to cope with Martha's cancer diagnosis. way back to former boyfriend Aden. After Belle was stabbed and left for dead, he was then the main suspect, which developers had decided that she was probing for dumping toxic waste at the caravan park.

Angelo became associated with the developers in order to clear his name and exchanged several incriminating soil samples. The storyline came to a head with his own undercover attempts to trap developers when Angelo accidentally shot dead Jack Holden, who had followed Angelo to the development site one eveningOriginally Angelo tried to cover his escape, but during the wake, he was forced to admit to murdering Jack and he was carted away. People were angry when Angelo later returned to Summer Bay as part of an investigation into an international people smuggling activity by the Marine Area Command but was gradually able to regain the confidence of the community and embarked on a friendship with Charlie Buckton.

He later discovered that Jack's uncle Hugo Austin was behind the smuggling operation, and managed to broker a settlement with Hugo that saw him report his death and seek witness protection. Angelo was later made sergeant at the Yabbie Creek police station and Hugo emerged from the hiding, but after a showdown with corrupt police officer Gordon Eaves, Angelo let Hugo run with girlfriend Martha MacKenzie.

Angelo was later made sergeant station at Yabbie Creek Police Station and Hugo emerged from hiding, but after a showdown with corrupt police officer Gordon Eaves, Angelo let Hugo runPaolo as he came with some loan sharks to the bay seeking Angelo's support.

He later joined newcomer Darryl Braxton in partnership, but became uncomfortable with his business practices and suspected him of washing money through the restaurant.When they were stuck at the top end of the beach, Angelo helped Nicole Franklin deliver her son George, and he and Nicole later embarked on a connection. Angelo quit Summer Bay for a new life in the city with Nicole and baby George after blackmailing Brax into purchasing his own stake of Angelo's.



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