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14 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week What’s next in Summer Bay?

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Coming up on Home and Away, a weekend camping trip ends in tragedy for Remi and Eden.

Elsewhere, Mac suffers a second heart attack, Tane is unable to forget the past, and Theo gets an unwanted surprise.

Here’s a full collection of 14 huge moments.

Mac suffers another heart attack

Up next on Home and Away, Remi and Eden’s weekend camping vacation ends tragically.

In other news, Tane can’t let go of the past, Mac has a second heart attack, and Theo receives an unexpected surprise.

This is the complete set of 14 incredible moments.

Mac has a second heart attack

Mackenzie is happy when the paramedics show up and tell her that her discomfort was caused by anxiety, since she had been fearing that she was having another heart attack.

Mac is told by the paramedics to go back to the hospital, but she goes back to bed, insisting she’s okay.

When Xander and Mali later decide to see how their friend is doing, they are shocked to discover that Mac is not responding.

  1. Mac’s life is in jeopardy

As Levi is bidding his farewells to everyone at the hospital, a very ill Mac arrives on a wheel.

Terrified to see his patient in such a terrible state, he accuses Xander of being the one who encouraged Mac to get out on her own.

Mac’s loved ones hope and pray that she will survive as she is rushed in for life-saving surgery with little time to spare.

  1. Tane once more rejects Felicity

Mac’s buddies are happy to hear the surgery went well after a nervous wait.

Tane consoles a tearful Felicity, and the divorcing couple has a heated exchange. Her dreams of a reconciliation, however, are shattered when Tane acknowledges that despite his feelings for her, their relationship is unworkable.

Tane insists their marriage is finished when Harper presses him about his affections for his wife.

  1. Bree has a success

Resuming therapy, Bree is working through her feelings of guilt over Jacob’s passing.

When her therapist advises her to leave her secure, regulated existence behind, she becomes enlightened and relishes her first taste of adventure by riding Remi’s motorcycle.

After getting off the horse, Bree decides what she wants to do next. She asks Remi, shocking him, whether he wants to volunteer with her for Doctors Without Borders.

  1. Xander has an impact

Xander is motivated to assist those in need after Mac’s recent SCAD incident.

To collect money for more research, he had the idea to hold a fundraiser at Salt.

Xander brings his idea to Felicity, who approves it, after enlisting Rose and Bree to assist him in brainstorming. ‘Salt by the Sea’ is born.

  1. Cash and Eden depart on their vacation

Eden finds it unbearable that Levi is being hailed as a local hero for saving Mac.

Eden asks Cash if they may take a few days off after running into her brother again.

After Felicity gives him the all-clear to leave, the two set out for a weekend of camping in the forest.

  1. Cash lets Eden in.

When Eden and Cash get there, it’s obvious that she doesn’t enjoy being outside.

Cash remembers his pleasant camping vacations with his foster father Gary, taking a journey down memory lane.

His tale touches Eden, but can she really stand to stay one more night in the woods?

  1. Theo has returned to the Bay.

As Justin assists Kirby in writing the ideal song for his delayed wedding to Leah, his creative mind is working nonstop.

However, after Theo gets back after seeing his mother, they have to let him know that they’ve been working on the song he gave his all to.

Theo acts as though everything is fine, but a subsequent conversation with Remi raises doubts.

  1. Remi releases Bree

Remi informs Theo that Bree wants them to volunteer for Doctors Without Borders during their catch-up, but he only had the intention of doing it for two weeks—not for a full year.

Remi gently puts Bree down, unable to commit to such a thing, but she is adamant that she must pursue her aspirations.

While Remi is certain that they can work things out over the distance, it’s obvious that Bree is unsure as she considers her options.

  1. There’s an issue at the Surf Club

The sudden resignations of three committee members have raised tensions at the Surf Club.

Alf believes it’s because he overruled the committee to allow John to be reinstated, and Roo can attest to this.

Simon Henderson has been dropping poison in their ears, she also finds out. Is Roo able to stop him before he causes even more harm?

  1. Theo is concerned for Leah.

Justin and Kirby are still terrified of altering Theo’s romantic song without his consent.

However, Justin understands he’s having trouble handling Leah’s breakdown and the fact that she’s in a facility so far away when Theo loses his fury.

Justin tells Theo that his aunt is in the best place and will get better soon, using Alf’s advice.

  1. Eden and Cash declare a ceasefire

Eden decides she can no longer camp in the bush and phones Remi to come get her. As she hangs up, she understands that Cash has heard everything she said and is not amused.

Cash suggests that instead of fighting over their divergent interests, the couple remain another night and check into a posh hotel.

Unaware that Remi is already on his way, Eden wins Remi over and leaves a message announcing her intention to stay.

  1. Remi is pronounced deceased

Remi is hurled into the air after colliding with an incoming car while travelling at a fast pace on the highway.

Approaching Remi’s lifeless body, Wes, the driver of the other car, says, “There’s nothing they can do, he’s dead.”

As panic sets in, Wes smashes Remi’s phone and asks Mickey, his passenger, to assist him in getting Remi into their vehicle.

  1. Eden is taken captive

While heading to the restroom at the campsite as night falls, Eden spots Mickey preparing a temporary burial for Remi.

Wes knocks Eden unconscious and throws her into the boot before she can sound the alarm.

When Cash wakes up the following morning, he is unaware that his lover has vanished. When will he next see Eden?

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