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EastEnders spoilers: Special episode as new murderer is unmasked while Linda and Dean have explosive showdown

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In the upcoming episodes of EastEnders, a number of prominent characters will have their lives completely transformed as the truth about George Knight’s (Colin Salmon) early years is revealed in a special, extended version of the show.

We already knew Eddie (Christopher Fairbank) was a sketchy character, but when it comes to his true intentions, it all becomes evident when he asks his son to testify in a murder trial.

Surprisingly, though, that’s not all there is to it—the murderer has more skeletons in his closet.

A few shocking revelations that upend George’s worldview are revealed as we flash back to his traumatic past.

Speaking of unsettling murderers, Matt Di Angelo’s character Dean Wicks is adding to Linda Carter’s (Kellie Bright) agony as her life spirals out of control.

When they find themselves in a confrontation close to Keanu’s body, Linda loses it spectacularly, with disastrous results.

Monday February 12

For the first time in years, George is anxiously getting ready to visit his parents’ house for Eddie’s award ceremony. He is astounded by Eddie’s seeming pride in him and the way his dad’s friends treat him like a returning hero when he, Elaine, and the girls arrive.

As the evening wears on, Eddie surprises George even more by giving a moving speech about him. George tells Elaine that he may have misinterpreted Eddie’s actions and that it’s possible his father did love him forever. One of Eddie’s friends, Gerard, unintentionally tells George that the jury will adore him as the celebration comes to an end.

George questions him, perplexed, and Gerard explains that he needs George to testify as Eddie’s character witness in the racially motivated murder trial. When George realizes that Eddie is manipulating him, he is devastated.

After helping Linda sober up, Johnny is appalled by Linda’s condition. When he returns to The Vic and starts questioning the family about why she’s become so bad, Elaine admits that Dean is back. Ben notices Johnny running to confront Dean and follows him into Beales Eels.

After callingum, Ben has to pull Johnny away from Dean so they can converse over a drink. Johnny punches Dean later at closing time and tells him to leave Linda alone.

In another scene, Nish tries to get closer to Kat, and Priya tells him that the way to her heart is through her children. Bert and Ernie start to act out when Kat and the kids get to Nish’s for supper. Though Kat finds it amusing how much Nish is winding her up, she is quickly taken aback when Nish extends an unexpected invitation.

Tuesday February 13

On Gina’s birthday morning, George is making an effort to give his daughter his full attention. As Eddie and Gloria show up, George informs them that he is aware of the court case and requests that they leave. Gloria begs George for assistance in a desperate manner.

After dismissing them, George leaves for Gina’s lunch. George enrages Gina during a heart-to-heart with her when he discusses his early years and tries to justify Eddie’s actions and remarks. George summons the bravery to search for his father’s court case and calls Eddie, letting him know they should speak.

By keeping Linda in his constant presence, Johnny hopes to discourage her from drinking, but eventually it gets to be too much for her. Linda humiliates herself in front of everyone in The Vic by dropping Gina’s birthday cake, having secretly indulged in alcohol.

Gina gets angry at Johnny for laughing after he discovers that Gina dated Dean. Concerned about Johnny’s irrational behavior, Ben offers to assist Johnny in getting rid of Dean, but he also reassures Callum that everything will be legal and proper.

Amid her concerns about Jack and Denise’s impending divorce, Amy attempts to persuade her father to buy her a bracelet as a thoughtful Valentine’s Day present.

Later, when Denise reacts strangely to the bracelet they were trying to hide from her, she and Ricky become alarmed. They don’t realize Denise is hallucinating and thinking she’s seeing the missing ‘D’ necklace instead.

Ricky is compelled by Amy to keep quiet about Denise’s actions, warning Jack about the possibility of their permanent breakup. In the meantime, Denzel prioritizes his training regimen and diet over his relationship with Amy.

Wednesday February 14

When Gloria and Eddie get to The Vic, George demands to speak with his father alone. George eventually discovers the truth about his upbringing, Eddie’s racism, and what actually transpired during a trying conversation.

Gloria, in the meantime, tries to defend herself to Elaine and asks her to assist in persuading George to testify on Eddie’s behalf.

Thursday February 15

After learning the truth the night before, George is inconsolable and pushes himself too far in a training session with Denzel. When George snaps with Denzel and devolves into self-loathing over being exactly like Eddie, Elaine is appalled.

Later, Gloria begs George to give her five minutes to explain herself, and Elaine reluctantly goes to the Boxing Den to see George. George gives in to Elaine’s wishes.

Until Callum informs him of Linda’s “confession,” Johnny has made the decision to file a civil lawsuit against Dean. He and Gina make the joint decision to obtain the recording from Dean and destroy it. After initially being dubious, Dean goes out with Gina, but after rumbling the plan, Dean suddenly jumps in.

Linda, horrified at the thought of being close to the body, forces herself to enter after seeing it. A glass breaks during a fight between Dean and Johnny, and Linda gets cuts on her hand. Johnny is in complete shock as Linda goes berserk and surprises everyone.

Denise is surprised by Jack with a delicious breakfast, but he declines her request to spend Valentine’s Day with him because he really wants to spend the day with Stacey.

Because Denise is acting strangely, Amy follows her to work because she is concerned about her behavior. Ricky suggests they tell Jack once more, but Amy declines and pretends it’s for a school assignment before asking Stacey for advice about having bipolar disorder.

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