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Home and Away spoilers: Theo stalker exposed, Ziggy baby scare and Felicity breaks down

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Home and Away viewers are set to discover that Mackenzie’s fiancé Gabe may have cancer. Elsewhere, Ziggy worries something is wrong with Izzy and Felicity breaks down

Ava Gilbert from Home and Away will be back in the Bay on Friday, April 7. The following week, she will seize any opportunity to be around Theo.

Ava makes it obvious that she intends to remain in Summer Bay, but Justin finds it difficult to connect with his child.

Later, in her room, Ava affixes a picture of herself and Theo to an album that is filled with pictures of him.
The attacker of Theo, Ava, is exposed.

Ava won’t divulge any details about her personal life to her father as Justin attempts to figure out why she left home.

Ava is relieved when Theo offers to assist her because she believes Justin is threatening to send her back to her mother’s house.

Theo’s pursuit of her only fuels Ava’s obsession with him, while the unaware performer believes he is acting as a comforting sibling figure.

Tane’s relationship with Felicity is over, she throws her engagement band at him, and she continues to deny that she has a drinking problem.

Nikau overreaches in his efforts to bring the couple back together as Tane concentrates on his job to avoid his broken heart.

Tane’s efforts to make amends, however, get him into trouble because Felicity holds him responsible for everything.

Later, Cash steals from Felicity’s liquor supply to help her get sober, and she sobs in her brother’s embrace.

Bree, who is also resolved to stop Remi from escaping Summer Bay, hands him the love letter she wrote while being kidnapped.

A heartbroken Bree asks Remi to wait for her, and he responds without hesitation that he will wait eternally.

Eden is frightened by her resurfacing memories of Cash and isn’t prepared to confront him. She also doesn’t want to give him false optimism.

Eden can hardly stand to be in the same room as Cash, which hurts Cash.

When Eden wants to inform Cash about her resurfacing memories, her courage wavers, but their shared worry for Felicity brings them closer.

Cash caresses Eden because he misread the signals.

When Cash notices her shock, he knows he’s made a serious error.

After being hurt by Cash’s kiss, Eden goes to songwriting to calm her anxious thoughts. When Cash calls, Eden ignores him.

Mali and Rose are back on track across the bay, and things are starting to flare up.

As things get hot and heavy back in Mali’s van, Rose is hit by a wave of panic and after she rushes out, Mali fears he’s in the wrong.

Regretful, Rose realises her sudden panic with Mali was about Tex.

When she tries to explain this to Mali, she is baffled by his blasé reaction.

Alone with Xander, Mali admits he was hurt that Rose dumped him before realising he mistook her apology for a break up.

He then agrees to give the relationship another shot.

Elsewhere, Ziggy is beginning to trust her mothering instincts.

When Izzy is fussy and unusually warm, Ziggy suspects something is wrong and takes her to the hospital.

Ziggy and Dean are sent home as the hospital disregard them as neurotic first-time parents.

Undeterred, Ziggy won’t take no for an answer and is certain something is wrong with her daughter.

Assertive Ziggy marches into the hospital demanding medical attention for Izzy.

Izzy has a fever, which Bree discovers while she is working, but thankfully the tests are negative.

When Gabe visits the hospital after being struck in the head by a surfboard, he receives some devastating news.

Gabe is compelled to tell Bree during the examination that he underwent Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma treatment a year ago.

Gabe intends to keep his past a secret from Mackenzie, so he is distraught when his blood tests turn out to be abnormal.

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