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Neighbours Spoilers – Amy fears turning Levi and Ned gay

Coming up on next week’s Neighbours in the UK, Amy is forced to confront her fears about Levi and Ned, whilst an attractive stranger whisks Levi off his feet. 

These episodes will air from Monday 18th October.

Polyamory remains a taboo topic on Ramsay Street, and now more than ever, the gossip mill is in full swing.

See, last week, Amy Greenwood (Jacinta Stapleton) moved out of No. 30 and into an eclipse apartment at Lassiters.

She invited both of her boyfriends, Ned Willis (Ben Hall) and Levi Canning, over to celebrate (Richie Morris). The three spending the night together – although platonically, playing drinking games and making jokes – seemed natural to them, when the citizens of Erinsborough learned of their antics, the rumor mill went crazy.

Levi’s grandmother, Sheila, continues to spread rumors this week (Colette Mann). Unfortunately, due to Chinese whispers, the conversation has been misconstrued, and word has spread that Amy’s relationship has evolved from two boyfriends to a throuple.

Everyone is taken aback, particularly when Levi’s boss, Sergeant Andrew Rodwell (David Lamb), asks whether he has any plans with his “partners.” Levi is quick to contradict him, and it’s clear that he’s bothered by the suggestion that he had a threesome with Ned and Amy.

My workmates keep asking me about the beginning of the universe,” he tells his cousin Kyle (Chris Milligan).

Off his confused look, Levi explains it.

“The big bang?”

Despite Kyle’s amusement, it is evident that it is having an effect on Levi. It’s not so much that people think he’s bisexual as it is that his relationship is being discussed in public.

But it isn’t long before he is distracted from his worries by Felicity Higgins, a mysterious and stunning newcomer (Isabella Giovanozzo).

While at the Waterhole, a tizzed up Levi makes his way outside, cocktail in hand. Unfortunately, he’s run into by Felicity, and the bright red drink goes flying… all over his nice shirt.

She is quick off the mark to offer him a new one, but he refuses. Instead, he wants to head home and get changed.

However, Felicity has a better idea – why don’t they have a drink together instead?

They sit down for drinks together and instantly become friends. Felicity, enamored, contacts her buddy and requests to go – she’s met a lovely guy and wants to see how things develop. (As a side note, if she were a friend of ours, we’d dump her like a hot potato #badfriendalert!)

Although Levi and Felicity appear to be having a good time, Ned is less than impressed when he wanders by and sees his co-boyfriend having an affair with another lady.

Is there trouble in paradise? Will Ned use this against Levi in an attempt to get Amy all to himself?

Meanwhile, it appears that Levi isn’t the only one who is affected by small-town gossip. Amy has been through so much, you’d think she’d had enough. She’s been through two divorces since both of her spouses came out as gay, three alienated teenagers, and now she’s the talk of the town.

She’s been quietly dealing with her doubts for weeks, but this week, Toadie (Ryan Moloney) notices that something is off.

Amy has been quite adept at taking it from her neighbors, particularly Sheila, but something isn’t quite right now. Toadie is unaware that Amy and Sheila have had a full-fledged brawl.

Amy is staying in by herself after sending both Ned and Levi on their way. Is she worried about what people say about her while she’s not looking?

Toadie is determined to find out the answer to this question, so he visits Amy’s flat and confronts her.

It’s there that she makes her stunning confession: she is worried about turning her boyfriend gay.

Toadie’s puzzled expression tells it all, but it quickly becomes evident that her concerns are sincere.

Both of Amy’s ex-husbands came out after they married her, and she’s been stung twice already. She’s terrified that if Ned and Levi were to join her in the bedroom together, it might happen again – without her.

Will Toadie be able to assuage her concerns? And more importantly, will this be the push she needs to turn her relationship into something more… “inclusive”?

As we know from our Spoiler Roundup, a scene is coming that sees the trio in bed… together! Whilst we can only speculate on the events leading up to this, we question whether this is the convolution of the mind of someone in Erinsborough, or have the trio taken the plunge into the unmarked territory?

Only time will tell!

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