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The oldest viewer of Home and Away got 100th birthday surprise

Ray Meagher-the the longest-served star on Home and Away-was the surprise special guest at the celebration of the show’s oldest and most loyal fan.

Daphne Greenfield turned 100 on Saturday but celebrated with family, friends, and her favorite character, Alf Stewart, early in her nursing home in Sydney.

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Daphne has been watching the Australian soap from the start and has hardly missed an episode, except though he recovered from a crash.

“And then I saw it all … Because I loved it,’ she told 7NEWS.

Raised in the 1920s, she lived through the Depression, the years of war, and now the pandemic of COVID-19.

daphne’s family had plans for a major 100th celebration but virus constraints prevented them.

“It’s hard enough in the world right now and it’s great to see small moments like this happen that bring a smile to everyone’s face,” said Meagher.

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She has received many high profile acknowledgments from the Queen and the Prime Minister, including congratulatory letters.

The soon-to-be 100-year-old, much like Alf, limits her long life down to a stubby bottle a day.

“But I don’t feel tired, I just feel fine, so that’s one thing,” she said.

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