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You know they belong together: Meet the cast of Home And Away’s real-life partners

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Who are their off-screen Summer babes?

Their romantic relationships on TV are incredibly emotional. A classic Home And Away wedding episode is usually a hit with viewers, whether it has cheating scandals, divorces, whirlwind romances, or all of the above.

What about the real-life relationships of your favourite Home and Away cast member?
As it turns out, the cast members’ love lives off-screen are equally fascinating.

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These storylines might have come directly out of Summer Bay, from Lynne McGranger’s long-term relationship and the reason she won’t get married, to Ray Meagher meeting The One later in life, to Cameron Daddo’s epic love tale with wife Ali Daddo.

With numerous actors falling in love on the Home And Away set over the years, the show is also a hotbed for youthful love.

Just ask Sarah and James Roberts, whose on-screen chemistry from the Netflix series Willow spilt over into their real relationships, leading to their 2019 nuptials.
Then there are Sophie Dillman and Patrick O’Connor from Home and Away, who first met at a party before destiny brought them together on the Summer Bay set.

Lynne McGranger: If it’s not broken, don’t get married!

In contrast to her on-screen counterpart Irene, who has a bad luck with men, Lynne McGranger has been married to Paul McWaters for more than 30 years.

“In addition to being a beautiful man, without him I would not have been able to accomplish what I have on Home And Away. He assumed control of the household and became Clancy’s primary caregiver “Woman’s Day heard what Lynne said. “He’s incredible. We still make each other laugh and enjoy each other’s company.”

Although Lynne doesn’t think they should be married, it hasn’t been a top priority for them. If we do get married, she predicted that it will most likely be at a backyard BBQ. Clancy McWaters, the actress’s 32-year-old daughter, is the couple’s only child.

Penny McNamee: Young love conquers all

Penny McNamee and Matt Tooker wed in 2009 after meeting at a school musical camp and fell in love.

“I loved him right away. I was an idiotic 16-year-old who believed he was perfectly romantic “According to Penny, who played Tori Morgan, the resident doctor in Summer Bay, until 2021, New Idea.

Her marketing-related husband emphasised, “She was self-assured and effervescent.” Jack, 5, and Neve, 3, the couple’s two beautiful children, are born into the world.

Sam Frost: A healthy age gap

Home and Away star Sam Frost confirms her engagement to her new boyfriend Jordie Hansen

Fans were surprised by the unlikely couple when Sam and former Survivor contestant Jordie Hansen made their romance public in March 2022. But Sam and Jordie have shown they’re a match made in heaven with open expressions of love, constant giggles, and a shared love of the great outdoors!

Sam, 33, confirmed her relationship with Jordie, 26, to radio hosts Fitzy and Wippa. Jordie also happens to be Sam’s younger brother Alex’s pal and fellow Survivor contestant. When I bailed out my brother, I thought, “Oi, is he single or what?” Sam revealed. “He’s a kid. You know, I’m a little cougar.”

Ada Nicodemou: The perfect father figure for her son

Ada announced her relationship with Adam Rigby at the 2018 TV WEEK Logie Awards not long after they first met and fell in love, following her divorce from spouse Chrys Xipolitas in 2015.

Ada remembered, “We met at a work event and he had no idea who I was. “However, it’s kind of cool, right? It’s good that he was unaware of the show.” Ada claimed that her eight-year-old son Johnas and Adam “love each other,” adding to the sweetness of their fairy tale romance.

Sophie Dillman and Patrick O’Connor: From on-screen to off-screen lovers

The on-screen couple Ziggy and Dean, played by Sophie and Patrick, began dating in 2019 and have remained together ever since.

But Sophie and Patrick actually met before entering Summer Bay, unlike many of their fellow lovebirds. They actually went to acting school together years ago, according to Sophie, who described how they first met.

“We were friends back then, but because we were in different years, we didn’t really see one another. However, we eventually connected on the show. And it just so happened that our characters met on the show.”

The separation of their personal and professional lives has been surprisingly simple, Sophie told TV WEEK in May 2022. “We have established some boundaries, such as “work is work” and “home is home.” You are playing a character, not yourself, especially at work. In other words, Dean and Ziggy are arguing, not Sophie and Patty. Additionally, we differ greatly from our roles, therefore most of the time it’s okay “She spoke.

James Stewart and Sarah Roberts: Home And Away‘s poster couple

James and Sarah met at work, like do so many other couples. Only their workplace is the most well-known soap opera set in the country. Sarah immediately noticed James, who plays Justin Morgan, in her first scene on the Australian show. She used to play the leather-clad Willow, who arrived in Summer Bay on a motorcycle with a plan in mind and a powerful right hook. Her first encounter in the city was with James’ character Justin.

Since Willow and Justin had such a strong chemistry, they quickly gained notoriety as H&A’s hot new pair. Soon after, that spark spilt over into the stars’ private lives, and in 2017, they made their relationship known to the public.

“We grew close, and things simply continued to develop. He’s also quite attractive, engaging, kind, and humorous. Because of all of those factors, I was drawn to him.” In 2019, Sarah and James wed in two ceremonies, one each in Sydney and Ireland.

Ray Meagher: Secretly married in 2010

In 2010, Ray wed Gilly Meagher, his longtime lover and ex-nurse, in a low-key, private wedding.

Ray told New Idea of his wedding, “When you’ve both been there before, you don’t want fuss and carry-on and all that.” “We simply went ahead and did it before gradually telling a select group of individuals who were important to us. It makes both of us very pleased.”

Ray has mentioned in the past that he never had his own family because he put his work first. However, his H&A character Alf has fathered four children on the programme. He does, however, get along well with his stepdaughter.

I adore talking to my stepdaughter Rebecca, who is in her early 40s and the daughter of his wife Gilly, at least once a week and seeing her for brunch or breakfast when the Home And Away schedule allows, which is probably once every two weeks.

Cameron Daddo: The perfect match

After only three months of dating in 1992, Cameron and model Ali Daddo, who had first met in their early 20s, got married. The 90s It Couple has experienced their share of setbacks over the years, including Cameron’s infidelity, bankruptcy, and living abroad, but they have managed to emerge stronger than ever.

Daughters Lotus (age 26), Bodhi (age 16), and son River (age 22) are the offspring of Ali and Cameron, who portrayed Evan Slater on the television series.

Georgie Parker: Found her soul mate

Georgie Parker, who plays Roo Stewart on the enduring series, is used to waiting around. She gave birth to her daughter Holly, who is now 19 years old, when she was 35 because she wanted to get things right before becoming a mother.

She told Good Health, “I wanted to be a mother for a very long time. “All I had to do was wait to run into the right guy! I kept running across men I just didn’t want to raise a family with, but at 33 I eventually met my husband. Simply put, that’s how things turned out “Adding, the 55-year-old

And it turned out that screenwriter Steve Worland was the “right man.” The couple got married in December 1999, and they celebrated their twentieth anniversary as husband and wife last year.

So what’s the secret to their blissful union?

“Simply put, we give each other a tonne of room. We’ve never been a tight-knit group; it’s just not how we work. Since we each have our own hobbies, I believe that doing a lot of things independently is really good. We work together as a partnership, a family, and independently.”

Zoe Ventura: Shock split

On Home While Away, Sarah Roberts’ portrayal of Alex Neilson’s romance with Willow Harris came to a heartbreaking end, and actress Zoe Ventura’s marriage to Daniel MacPherson also ended tragically in real life.

The secretive couple, who have a two-year-old son named Austin, shocked everyone in December 2020 when they announced they were ending their five-year union. “Dan and I have decided to part ways with the utmost respect. Together, we will devote ourselves to raising our adorable son Austin. He is and always will be our top priority “The declaration read.

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