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EXCLUSIVE: Home And Away’s Ada Nicodemou reveals the books you have to read alone, and how she keeps busy

It can be difficult to stay occupied in solitary confinement.

If you find it hard, even overwhelming, to brainstorm solutions to fill the infinite vacuum of loneliness, then why not try a classic: pick up a decent novel. Best still, visit a book-club.
Best yet again, join Ada Nicodemou and Lynne McGranger in a book club of favorite Home And Away members.
The mates and co-stars have started their very own book club so they can join in the fun in lockdown and fans.
“Many people are encouraged to learn by seeing us do it and learning about it that’s amazing,” Ada tells WEEK-TV.

Ada and Lynne post their latest pick of novels and give us two weeks to read before going for a live chat on their Instagram to discuss all the juicy information.
“I want to read a book and then be able to explore it.” “It’s not about going to the cinema and seeing a wonderful movie and just not being able to share it with anyone,” Ada says.

And what’s the Summer Bay star coveting right now?
“I love novels but I always love autobiographies, I love reading about the lives of men. I just finished the book by Demi Moore and it was fascinating,” Ada says. “I’ve been reading so many wonderful books right now, and it’s really hard to pick one … Genevieve Gannon’s Daughters, Tara Westover’s Taught, and Lucinda Riley’s The Seven Sisters.” Book options are not all down to Ada and Lynne either. If you’re reading along with Home And Away girls, they’re going to want your say.
“Lynne and I put out ideas for books that we needed to read and instead we poll it on Instagram,” says Ada.

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If the mother-of-one in the next book club novel doesn’t have her nose to pass the time in solitary confinement, she claims she’s hanging out with her friend, Johnas.
“I play a lot with my son, really have quality time with him, I walk and I clean a lot too.”

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